Reading the Bible


Steve Koulouris was born in Montreal, Canada to Greek immigrant parents and lives there to this day with his wife and one child. He has been teaching the Bible for over 20 years with different study groups in the region. He has studied the Bible in the original languages of Hebrew and Greek and strongly believes every student of the Word must have a Strong’s Concordance  to clearly understand and comprehend the Bible. In 2002, he had a gout attack on his right foot and was quickly told by his doctor that he would be on the drugs “Allopurinol” and “Colchicine” for the remainder of his life! Only in his twenties, he was taken aback at his diagnosis and asked how this could happen to him! He quickly started doing research on his illness and quickly realized that his diet had to change. Out went the Coca-Cola and sugary drinks, Big Mac hamburgers, chips, cookies and other of his favorite foods. But he didn’t look to all the fad diets out there, instead he looked into the Word of God which was his guide to true health!


Most people don’t realize the wealth of information that the Bible carries about which foods to eat and which to avoid. Taking the Lord’s advice about a healthy diet, he slowly weaned himself off of the prescription drugs and changed his eating habits to nurse himself back to health! Today he no longer takes prescription drugs and his uric acid levels are back to normal. No, this is not a miracle folks, this is just plain ol’ common sense taken straight from God’s Word, the Bible! God clearly outlined what to eat and what not to eat in order to live a healthy life in this flesh body. We should all take His advice rather than man’s. We hope you enjoy this eBook and please spread the word around about “The Holy Grail of Health”.


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